A resource for hash-based data structures

Bob Adolf, Brian Cornell, and Geet Duggal. Date posted: 6/28/05. Last updated: 3/10/07.

The libhash @ sourceforge page is undergoing some revisions in hopes that it becomes more of central resource for (1) deciding when a hash-based data structure should be used and then to (2) help make appropriate decisions as to which source code to use. Please be patient as more details are added.

For now please take a look at some hash table implementations by the authors on this sourceforge site. (All source code is in C.)

Download files

There are a variety of alternatives on the web that I've gone through and tested against personal hash libraries, and in time, the best of them will be surveyed on this site.

I often use fixed-memory (no dynamic allocation) linear probing hash table code that I wrote in C that allows you to specifiy byte lengths for the keys and values. When I get the chance, I'll post it here as an option, also.